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Sport Adventure was set up in 1995 with the aim of organising fun but challenging off-road motorcycle holidays through France's beautiful countryside. From the start our intention was to offer not just great tracks, but also a relaxed atmosphere, good food, friendly, traditional accommodation and back up, that without being intrusive, was always there when you needed it.

For 2018 we are delighted to offer you 6 different road book enduro tours: the Massif du Morvan, the Trefle du Morvan, the Normandie, the Lozerien Bis, the Cantal and the Dordogne (see our 2018 calendar). All are run along similar lines (road book, full back up) and all have been carefully set up to give you an unforgettable three day's riding. Each however has its own distinct character. If you want the chance to roam over a large area, reasonably near to the channel ports, then perhaps you should consider the Massif du Morvan, the Trefle du Morvan or the Normandie. If you have always dreamt of riding some of the tracks used on France's most famous enduro, want to cover some serious distances, and see some spectacular scenery, then the Lozerien Bis might be your best choice. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to use a GPS rather than a road book, you can ride the stunning mountains of the Pays Basque on our ever popular French Pyrenees trip. As well as these fixed dates we can also organise trips in the Morvan region for smaller private groups on dates to suit you. 

Whichever trip you think you might like, over the next few pages you'll find more details of most of the trips, plus a whole lot more general information, including photos and video clips. In a couple of weeks our new website will be up and running with descriptions of all the routes plus a whole load more photos. Alternatively give us a ring on our French mobile and we can discuss any queries you might have in greater detail.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.




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